The Ulster County 2021 Youth Film Festival

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Welcome! My name is Monte Chetkof and I am currently a senior high school student at The Woodstock Day School. As a senior, I am embarking on a year-long project. My school is very Media Arts oriented and many people from my school decide to make films as their projects, but I want to take a different route, so I've decided to produce a film festival instead. What is the Ulster County Youth Film Festival’s goal? Our goal is to bring students and adults together to appreciate films created by the youth. As teenagers, especially during the pandemic, it can be hard for our voices to be heard. With the use of this event, I hope to spotlight and publicize the opinions and work done by student filmmakers for future collaborations, and to create network opportunities.


Event Format

All films submitted to the Ulster County Student Film Festival will be reviewed by Ulster County Film teachers from a variety of different high schools such as Kingston, Saugerties, Onteora, WDS, and even film professionals such as Tom Olivia, producer David Becker, and Woodstock Film Festival panelist Martha Frankel. A submission is not a guarantee of acceptance. There are no winners/losers/awards at this event as it goes against our goal of bringing people together to appreciate film. We encourage you to put your all into these films as there is potential for future connections with these local film industry professionals. Submissions from students outside of Ulster County are welcomed.


Rules & Requirements

Submission Deadline is April 1st, 2021

For the 2021 Ulster County Youth film festival, we request that all film submissions touch upon the pandemic and new realities in the world we live in due to COVID-19. We also ask that all films meet the time requirements of 30 seconds - 7 minutes. Here are some examples of what this means. 

-How online learning has affected you or your fictional character.

-How COVID-19 has affected you/your family. Something you lost during the pandemic? Something you found?

- After the pandemic, what’s next? Will life be “normal”?

- The vaccine. Why should we get it? Why shouldn’t we?

- A PSA of why people need to wear masks and the consequences of not wearing them. 

These examples can be used, but are merely suggestions. Anything based around the pandemic will be qualified for acceptance consideration. Please include a film title and end credits. 

We also ask that films use at least one of the following cinematic techniques and include a film title and end credits. 
- Pan/Tilt shot
- POV shot
- Close up shot
- Voiceover

Maximum Submissions per person are 3 films.


Meet The Submission Team

Tom Oliva AAHSFF Co-Founder_Executive Di

Tom Olivia

Co-Founder and Executive Director of the All American High School Film Festival, and Crave Arts.

Tom has worked with young creatives in myriad capacities for 20+ years, discovering, developing, and connecting a vast network of talented young content creators and building a community of shared passions and lifelong relationships. Tom has produced content for Apple, AT&T, IMAX, Sony, Atlantic Records, and more.


Tim Sutton

Vice-President of The New York Media Arts Association & WDS Film Teacher.

Jacqueline Hayes

Media Arts Director - Saugerties High School

David Epstein

Head Film Teacher at Onteora High School


Scott Wickham

Media Arts Director - Saugerties High School.


Arnold Ritcher

Head of KHS TV and Film Program at Kingston High School.

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